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The following is a personal account of ATHANASE® consumption by Saj, the founder of SALIENTS®, supported by medical data. It does not constitute medical advice or an assurance of results. Always consult with a healthcare provider before making changes to your health regimen.

Saj experienced a 131.4% increase in total testosterone and 147.5% increase in free testosterone after a 4-month period of consistent ATHANASE® consumption. Saj already maintains a pre-existing health-conscious lifestyle, but experiences high stress and works long hours.


    Advanced Sports Hormone blood tests were completed via Medichecks to measure a total of 42 biomarkers. Reported below are testosterone and free testosterone. These tests were conducted at three separate time intervals:

    • Blood test date #1: 31st August 2022 
    • Blood test date #2: 19th May 2023
    • Blood test date #3: 23rd September 2023

    ATHANASE® consumption began after Blood test date #2 (After 19th May 2023) and was the only lifestyle factor change. Saj already maintained a consistent exercise regimen, good diet and reasonable sleep patterns (5-8 hours sleep).


    1 serving (5g) was consumed every day, mixed with a small glass of water. On some occasions Saj would mix ATHANASE® with Greek yoghurt or servings of fruits.


    Below we have provided screenshots from Medichecks laboratory test reports

    • Blood test date #1: 31st August 2022 - Before ATHANASE®

    Results August 2022: Testosterone 16.8 nmol/L and Free Testosterone 0.361 nmol/L.
    • Blood test date #2: 19th May 2023 - Before ATHANASE®

    Results May 2023: Testosterone 9.25 nmol/L and Free Testosterone 0.221 nmol/L.

    • Blood test date #3: 23rd September 2023 - After ATHANASE®

    Results September 2023: Testosterone 21.4 nmol/L and Free Testosterone 0.547 nmol/L.

    Accounting for any impact of seasonality by comparing to blood test results one year prior, ATHANASE® produced a 27.4% increase in total testosterone and a 51.5% increase in free testosterone. 

    Over a four-month period total testosterone increased by 131.4% and free testosterone increased by 147.5%. These are the highest levels Saj has achieved since his first test in 2019.


    • Making strength progress in the gym has become noticeably easier
    • Body composition whilst ‘bulking’ (gaining weight) has become easier to control
    • Resilience to injury, minor ‘niggles’ & tendonitis has improved significantly
    • Sleep & recovery between training sessions has improved 
    • Confidence, drive and libido has improved significantly
    • Energy levels have improved
    • Reduction in procrastination & focus has improved


    • Testosterone levels can vary in the short & long-term for various reasons:
      • Time of Day: All tests were completed in the morning. Testosterone levels typically peak in the morning and decline throughout the day.
      • Age: As men age, their testosterone levels gradually decrease, typically starting around age 30 a 1% decline every year is normal.
      • Health Conditions: Certain conditions can impact testosterone levels, such as obesity, diabetes, chronic illness, or issues with the pituitary gland.
      • Lifestyle Factors: Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of purpose, lack of competitive activities and certain medications may also influence testosterone levels.
      • Physical Activity: Exercise can impact testosterone levels, with both acute effects (short-term changes after a single workout) and chronic effects (long-term changes from consistent exercise).
    • Whilst the results in this study were not conducted under strict clinical / lab settings, the changes in testosterone levels reported are not typical variations that can be explained by natural fluctuations alone.
    • Please be advised that results will vary. Different bodies respond differently to supplements, medications, or lifestyle changes. We strongly advise consulting a medical professional if you are concerned about your health.
    • It's important to understand that whilst numbers on a laboratory report provide valuable insights, what ultimately matters are personal experiences and whether we feel our quality of life has improved.
    • We advise men who are concerned about their optimal health to consider regular blood tests. In this account we sought the services of Medichecks.
    • You can review ATHANASE® customer feedback and experiences here.
    • Third-party research on the ingredients in ATHANASE® are available here. 
    • For privacy, the full blood test reports have not been published here. If you would like to review the complete reports please send an e-mail to and we will provide PDF copies of Saj’s results to you.
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